Price list for skin therapy and cosmetology

Priсe is valid for period 1.05.2019 – 31.12.2019 in my beauty cabin. Available days for appointment: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday every week. Optional: Tuesday.
Address of  my cabin (Moscow suburb). English language is welcome!

My working beauty cabin

My beauty cabin

You can research the full range of procedures, their duration, detailed and costs in my beauty cabin on the paper during consultation. All procedures are applies individually, according with your skin, age, your needs and your wishes.

If you go to a a skin therapist and cosmetologist for the first time, I recommend you a full consultation as a first step in any case.

Price list for skin therapy and cosmetology

Face cleaning
Цены косметология лицоELOS epilation
Machine skin procedures 
Brow, lashes
Trichology (head hairs)
Home skin care
Цены косметология телоSPA body wrap
LPG massage
Cavitation (body fat reduce)

Peelings for the body
ELOS epilation
  • My consultation (10-15 min.) — free (with the procedure in the day of consulting).
    Consultation includes examination, survey, anamnesis.
  • My consultation (10-15 min.) — solid, without the procedure in the day of consulting = 600 RUR.
  • Prescribing of home skin care products and home care advice = 600 RUR.


  • For normal skin, 90 min. = 2500 RUR. Hot!
    Complex procedure with individually selected components. Include 40 min face, neck and decolette massage, soft peeling, mask, final cream.
  • Anti-age, sensitive skin procedure, 90 min. = 2900 RUR.

Express procedures for those is limited in money or time:

  • Express massage, 40 min. = 1500 RUR.
  • Express mask, 30 min. = from 700 RUR.

I have a wide range of massage products, creams and masks: alginate, collagen (biomatrix) and matrigel-masks.

Face cleaning

  • Ultrasound face cleaning, 50 min. = 1500 RUR.
  • Instrumental cleaning (complex, with anti-inflammatory steps), 90-120 min. = 2500 RUR.

Acid peelings

  • Enzyme peeling = 1500 RUR.
  • AHA acids 3-12% = 1500 RUR.

Diamond peeling

  • Face 2100 RUR.
  • Neck 1900 RUR.
  • Decolette 2500 RUR.
  • Hands 3000 RUR.
  • Back 5000 RUR.
  • Local scars, stretches 500 RUR. 1 sq cm.

Hair loss treatments and prophylactics

  • From 400 RUR.
    The special methods are selected for in-person admission and after examining and anamnesis. Please, welcome for a consultation.

ELOS epilation

Remove unwanted hair permanently on face and body. The cost is calculated individually, depending on thearea (and, accordingly, the number of required flashes of the ELOS device). The procedure is absolutely painless.

  • Face: «mustache» on women face = 500 RUR for one seance.
  • Face: «chin area» on women face = 500 RUR for one seance.
  • Face: «whiskers» on women face = 800 RUR for one seance.
  • Woman face: «mustache+chin area+whiskers» = 1200 RUR for one seance. Hit!
  • Armpits = 1000 RUR for one seance.
  • Bikini (to the line of pants) =1000 RUR for one seance.

Body massage: LPG, cavitation

Non-invasive liposuction, anti-cellulite, body skin tightening. More about it >>
1. Vacuum roller massage

  • The whole body = from 1800 RUR.
  • Only belly+hips+buttocks zone = from 1600 RUR.

When you buying a course of 10 procedures, you have a 10% discount + bonus: 1 cavitation procedure for 1 any zone.

The suit is not required. Massage is carried out smoothly. If you wish to have a massage using a special lymphatic drainage cream (it does not require rinsing, it enhances the effect of the procedure), the supplement for 1 session is 300 RUR.

Aske for a consultation!

SPA body wrap

With the professional cosmetics, Russia = 2500 RUR
With the professional cosmetics, Germany = 3000 RUR
Duration from 90 min. All disposables are included.

Brow and lashes

Prices are given for regular customers / and for the primary procedure (new client).

  • Eyebrow modeling = 300 RUR / 500 RUR
    Creating eyebrows form.
  • Eyebrow correction = 200 RUR / 400 RUR.
    Maintaining the shape of brows, removing new hairs after previous modeling, to 20 pcs.
  • Eyebrow tinting with professional color oaints = 200 RUR / 400 RUR.
  • Eyebrow biotatuating = 350 RUR / 500 r RUR.
  • Eyelash coloring = 300 RUR / 500 RUR.
  • Removing the moustache for women (wax) = 250 RUR.

Skin care for everyday home skin treatment. Face and body.

More on this page.

Brands cosmetics

I use only certified in Russia drugs, equipment and cosmetics supplied by official distributors. Accordingly, having all the necessary documents. Brands: Janssen Cosmetics (German), Meilume (Canada), Dermalogica (USA), Anna Lotan, Renew, Christina (Israel), Dermagenetic (Greece), Promoitalia (Italy), Medic Control Peel and Лаборатория Тоскани (Russia).

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